Creating a presentation… Do you use your brand or theirs?

Creating a presentation… Do you use your brand or theirs?

This might be obvious to some, but it isn't obvious to all, so I thought I'd put it out there for those who aren't clear on whether your presentation should be in created in your brand or the brand of the audience. The simple answer here is that you should ALWAYS lead...

Welcome To Slide Desk

Welcome To Slide Desk

Welcome to Slide Desk At Slide Desk we love to take your presentations in whatever state they are in and turn them into a communications tool that you can be really proud of. If you have a sales pitch, strategy meeting, investor pitch or training seminar that you want...

Why Presentation Design?

Why Presentation Design?

Why Presentation Design?... Why Slide Design?... Why PowerPoint?... Why, why why?!! After setting up Slide Desk earlier this year, I have found myself needing to answer these questions on numerous occasions, so I thought I’d write the blog. It’s fair to say that...

Make your next Slide Deck one to remember!

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