Welcome to Slide Desk

At Slide Desk we love to take your presentations in whatever state they are in and turn them into a communications tool that you can be really proud of.

If you have a sales pitch, strategy meeting, investor pitch or training seminar that you want to deliver with confidence and in style, then make sure you are armed with a slide deck that will support you as you address your audience!

We can work with current presentations, or design you something completely bespoke.

If you are currently working on a presentation here are a few tips to see you through:

  1. Plan your presentation out on paper before you start using the software. This will help you stay focused on what you need to include for the audience.
  2. Plan your presentation to fit your time slot and test drive it before you go.
  3. Keep each slide simple, with one clear idea. Don’t be tempted to overload a slide with too much information as it will distract your audience and dilute your message
  4. Use animations and transitions to help to explain complex ideas/diagrams. Getting the sequence right can instantly show how your idea works.
  5. Always end with a call to action. What does the audience need to do next and how do they contact you?


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