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Slide Deck is a Berkshire based presentation design agency owned and managed by Lydia Butler, an expert graphic designer and presentation designer with a longstanding career in the design industry. Lydia’s career has included the development of logos, websites, brochures, prospectuses and advertising campaigns spanning both B2B and B2C markets. Slide Deck was established in 2017 and has already a proven track record in designing winning pitches that convert audiences into customers! At Slide Deck we work with numerous businesses, ranging from start-ups (pitching for funding and new business) to established companies (who pitch and present regularly to their clients, teams and wider audiences to stay ahead of the competition) as their go-to presentation design agency. Although a relatively small team, Slide Deck have a wealth of knowledge and experience, along with bags of commitment in their quest to free the world from what we they laughingly describe as…



Lydia Butler

Managing Director / Presentation Design Expert
A self-proclaimed “design-geek” Lydia is fascinated by the function of graphic design and its role in bringing about desired actions, which is how she got caught up in the world of presentation design! On receiving frequent requests to re-design or tidy up client slides, it was apparent that there was a gap in the market for professional presentation design.  It was obvious to Lydia that clients were now using slide decks like company brochures. However, clients didn’t have a true understanding of how presentations could be crafted to guide audiences though a thought process towards their end goal. Therefore, Lydia undertook further training and became somewhat of a Powerpoint expert. She set about studying storytelling techniques, sales psychology, data visualisation and audience profiles in order to be able to offer clients superbly designed slide decks that could enhance their conversions. As a result of these observations, Lydia set up Slide Deck in 2017 and, along with her fantastic team, operates the business from Thames Valley Park in Reading, Berks.


Graphic Designer
Gemma is an exceptionally talented and accomplished designer, with over 12 years experience. She is capable of turning her ‘clever and creative hand’ to corporate design projects as well as illustrations and infographics. Within Slide Deck, Gemma’s area of expertise is print design projects for the extra collateral our clients sometimes require such as brochures, flyers etc. She also provides support on Slide Deck’s  Marketing and Design needs as well as attending exhibitions. Gemma is a wonderful member of the team having been with Slide Deck from the start.

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