Corporate Deck

Does your business produce a lot of pitches and Powerpoint presentations?

If so, you will know the amount of time can be taken getting a pitch just right. And, the strength of a pitch deck depends largely upon the individual’s ability to use the software and eye for displaying information, therefore the standard of what is produced can vary greatly throughout your team and the entire organisation.

Our Corporate Deck package:

  • Save team time spent creating slide decks
  • Improves the visual quality and brand representation throughout your Slide Decks
  • Improves the overall ability to present

We do this by providing your team with the following:

  • A complete set of ready to go pre-designed slides that are regularly used within your pitches
  • A preset customised theme with your brand colours and fonts*
  • A complete set of slide layout templates for types of content options
  • A suite of pre-styled tables, charts and graph slides, ready for users to simply add in their data fonts* and colour palette.
  • A suite of icons styled to your brand
  • A suite of designed graphics/infographics to display data
  • A User Guide to aid users when selecting layouts, charts, tables and structuring their pitch
  • A complimentary Training Session for your team to help embed the new process and teach them how to get the best of the new deck.

From £2995+VAT

How it works:

Step 1

After we’ve received your official order we will work with you to establish:

  • All types of pitches and slide decks used by the departments of your business
  • Brand guidelines
  • Audience needs (both internal and external)
  • User needs, their process and objectives
  • Current slide decks and content

Step 2

Using the information gathered from the items listed above we will create a range of styled slides icons, charts and graphics. This will be shared with you and a review meeting will be set where we will discuss any development requirements.

Step 3

We will develop the artwork until we reach sign off.

Step 4

Upon sign off, we will supply all slides and slide templates, Icon and Graphic suits as well as usage instructions.

Step 5

We deliver your team training session.

Step 6

We will monitor and support your team as they get used to the new deck for up to 4 weeks

Make your next Slide Deck one to remember!

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