Seminar Deck Design.

Power your next conference or seminar with a memorable, concise and professionally designed deck.

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Sales Deck

A deck used to showcase the client’s many years in business, and to promote their unique and successful approach to new clients. Created in PowerPoint.

Investor Pitch Deck

This client was pitching their new and innovative technology for investment. We developed hard-hitting, emotive slide content to educate and win audiences. Created in PowerPoint.

Seminar Sales Deck

As a group seminar sales deck that targeted at a specific customer segment. Created in PowerPoint.

Seminar Deck Design Process

Step 1

As soon as you have placed your order with Slide Deck, we will contact you to arrange a 30-minute consultation call/skype. This will enable us to establish the objectives of your presentation, and review your audience, ensuring that your information is structured effectively. During this time you are able to ask us any last minute questions before commencement of work.

A folder link will be sent to you where you can upload your brand identity and guidelines if available.

Step 2

Once created, our vision will be shared with you through a storyboard, showing how we plan to present your data. This will include information on the types of charts, infographics or images we plan to use, plus recommendations for any changes to your original structure – if we think it would be of benefit.

The storyboard will be sent to you, followed by a brief call to confirm your approval and sign off to allow design to begin.

Step 3

The slide content is designed and incorporated into your chosen presentation software. Upon completion, the deck is shared for your review/approval.

Step 4

Any edits /amendments requested by you are actioned and then sent back to you for final approval.

Step 5

The final version is sent to you ready for you to present.

Our Pricing

Our prices start from £1,170 + VAT for up to 10 Slides. This includes:

  • Initial Briefing sesssion – so we understand your story and your vision.
  • Content Check – we check you’ve got all the bases covered.
  • Design of slides – in line with your brand, including creative layouts, icons and stock images as required.
  • Data visualisation – creation of infographics, charts and graphs that best present your numbers.
  • Revisions – 3 edit rounds.
  • Timeline – 5-10 day turnaround.

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Seminar Deck Design FAQs

How do you structure a conference presentation?

To structure a conference presentation, start with a compelling introduction that captures the audience’s attention, then proceed with a clear agenda outlining the main points to be covered. The body of the presentation should consist of well-organized sections, each addressing a key point, and conclude with a summary that reinforces the main ideas and provides actionable takeaways. 

How many slides should be in conference presentation?

The number of slides in a conference presentation depends on the allotted time and the complexity of the topic. Generally, aim for one slide per minute, so for a 15-minute presentation, plan on 15 slides. However, prioritize clarity and quality of content over the number of slides.

How long should a conference presentation be?
The length of a conference presentation can vary, but most presentations range from 15 to 45 minutes. The event organizer will typically provide guidelines on the allotted time for each speaker. Be sure to respect the time limit, and include some extra minutes for questions and answers if possible.