Sales Presentation Design

Clean Linen & Workwear Sales Presentation – Animated PowerPoint


Presentation Objective:

To create a professional sales presentation design that reflected the Clean brand and clearly presented the full business benefits of the Clean Linen Service.

Background Information:

The Client is a well established lined and workwear laundry business, servicing an impressive range of hotel, spa and event clients. They have the latest industry and plant equipment and continually develop in technology to streamline the process and deliver more efficiently.

The Clean brand identity is very strong and an asset to Clean who have invested time in the development of marketing materials and online presence.

They identified that the weak link in their marketing collateral was their Powerpoint sales presentation design that they were sending out with their sales team. Whilst it contained branded elements, most slides contained a large amount of text or bullet points. It therefore lacked engagement or any substance, so the sales team weren’t keen on using it. At this point the client contacted us to work on their sales presentation design because they knew that they had so much to offer their clients, but they were finding it difficult to communicate the many benefits.

Designing The Powerpoint Sales Presentation

In order to create a sales presentation design that engaged the target audience, we first had to conduct an audience audit. We did this to identify the areas of pain and frustration that customers experienced when buying this type of service as well as industry, environmental factors and competitor activity.

Once we had a good picture of the audience’s situation we went on to develop messages that would resonate with them. These included messages around the high expectations of their guests and furthermore, the impact of online guest reviews sites. Other messages focused around efficiency, financial and environmental messages, all of which impact the decision making process for the audience. Each message was mapped against one of Clean’s solutions. This method works because it increased the audience’s awareness of a pain point or problem that they need to deal with, at this point they become more receptive to looking for a solution which Clean were able to provide. 

Having identified the key messages, we storyboarded the sales presentation design and sketched up visual ways of presenting the information. We used a range of graphic solutions to display the messages, we added photographic images, process diagrams, infographics and a fantastic comparison animation.

The Final Sales Presentation Design

Clean were delighted with the new sales presentation design and it was quickly adopted by the sales team, who gave it a good road test to make sure they were completely happy with it.

“Lydia and the team have taken our ideas and brief and transformed it into a fantastic presentation deck we are very proud of. We’ll certainly be working with Slide Deck again in the future.”

Ted Walker- Head of Group Marketing CLEAN

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