Case Study

Crichlow Associates

PowerPoint Design

Pitch Deck


To create a slide deck to present Crichlow Associates’ expertise and services when pitching to new clients.

Background Information:

Our client was in the process of increasing their team and service offering, so required a deck to take to new client meetings.

The client’s team comprise of a number of individuals with a wealth of knowledge, expertise and established backgrounds in their business sector, but needed to present themselves as one business. Therefore the pitch needed to show breadth of service as well as project management and service delivery solution capability.

The client had an existing slide deck with initial information as a basis to work from.

The Solutions

Step one was to conduct an audience audit to determine the audience and establish their goals and any pain-points.

These findings were mapped against the existing content supplied by the client and it was identified that the slide deck needed to be more audience-centric to establish a deeper personal connection. This was achieved by bringing in discussion point slides for the pain-points.

These discussion slides were image based with a statement such as “we understand the issues you face when…” they were left open so that our client could then discuss the specific pain-points faced by that client. The slide deck then goes on to discuss solutions, services and case studies.

Finally, the entire deck was styled in line with the business’s brand guidelines, making use of their fonts, colours and logos.

The Results

A slide deck that presents the client’s business professionally, yet also engages the audience on a more personal level.

The client’s response…

This is it – Thanks!!  A flexible baseline upon which all of my future pitch decks will be based.

If you regularly use slide decks to pitch your business to clients, then please get in touch to see how we can bring your vision to life!

Make your next Slide Deck one to remember!

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