Case Study

Migrate UK

PowerPoint Design

Sales Deck/Webinar Deck

Presentation Objective:

To create a professional sales presentation design to outline Migrate UK immigration law services can benefit the horse racing industry’s skills shortage challenge.

Background Information:

Migrate UK is a well-established specialist business immigration company that works with UK businesses to secure the talent they need to make them more efficient, productive and enable them to grow and flourish.

The company recently invested in a rebranding exercise and required new sales and marketing collateral to bring their messaging up to the new brand guidelines to increase engagement and showcase solutions and services.

The Solutions

To create these assets to engage their target audience, we first had to conduct an audience audit for each deck.  We did this to identify specific pain points their prospects face and build a persuasive case for the audience to “take-action”.

Once the SlideDeck team had a good picture of the audience’s pains, we went on to develop compelling messaging that would resonate with them.  We storyboarded each slide, sketching up creative, visual ways of presenting the messages and supporting content. Finally, we employed clever animations that built up to present information gradually, this helped convey anything that was more complex. The animations were also used to breathe life into the subject matter and in this case the use of a hot air balloon guided the audience through the journey gently and effortlessly, echoing the way in which Migrate UK work with their clients.

The Results

Migrate UK have been delighted with all the presentation work Slide Deck have done so far and continue our working relationship moving forward as the company grows.

“Lydia and the team really got to grips quickly with our vision and ideas and were able to transform them magically into fantastic looking, professional presentation decks that we are very proud of and confident to present.

We see Slide Deck as our ‘in-house’ design team, our working relationship is very collaborative, and Slide Deck are quick to deliver and offer valuable advice on what works and what doesn’t! “ – Jonathan Beech, Managing Director of Migrate UK

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