PowerPoint is widely used for presentations, but there are more choices. Other resources exist for creating eye catching slideshows and exhibits, handy for commerce, learning, or individual purposes.

This article will look at the leading eight alternatives to PowerPoint in 2023 and onwards. We’ll examine their qualities, costs, and simplicity. Furthermore, we will offer advice on picking the best presentation software aligning with your requirements and objectives.

While there are a lot more alternatives these days, in our opinion, PowerPoint still reigns supreme. If you’re looking to take your presentation designs to the next level,

Why You Might Need a PowerPoint Alternative

PowerPoint has been around for over 30 years and has many advantages. It’s familiar, versatile, compatible with most devices and platforms, and integrates well with other Microsoft products. It offers numerous templates, themes, and design features. Plus, it has things like animations and transitions that everyone is familiar with.

However, PowerPoint also has its drawbacks, such as:

  • For newbies or occasional users, it might be tricky for seemingly simple tasks. They won’t require many of the advanced tools and configurations.
  • Using the same design patterns for your prese­ntations can become dull and old fashioned. It’s essential to tailor your slides to your views and objectives. Make sure they always feel fresh and relevant.
  • Sometimes, it’s not dependable or steady. It happens if your file size is too big, you use many multimedia elements, or your internet speed is slow if your autosave is on.

You might think about using something other than PowerPoint, particularly if you seek software for presentations, which is:

  • More user-friendly than PowerPoint, especially for quick or small presentations.
  • More creative, either more modern or more unique than PowerPoint.
  • More reliable, either faster or more stable than PowerPoint, and running in a web browser.

Here are some factors to consider when comparing different presentation software:

  • Features include templates, themes, charts, audio, transitions, videos, icons, graphs, images, animations, etc.
  • Cost is a crucial factor as well. Check if the pricing options for the tool include free, premium, one-time, monthly, yearly, or freemium plans.
  • Ease of use should also be considered. Factors such as effort required, available drag-and-drop features, and platform compatibility should be considered. Online, offline, desktop and mobile capabilities are also worth considering.
  • Customer tool reviews are essential to consider as well. Learn about their opinions and any ratings or feedback they have provided.

Now that you know what to look for in a PowerPoint alternative, let’s look at the top 10 options in 2023, in no particular order.


Visme is an online graphic design tool that provides users with various customisable templates and graphics to help create unique visual content. This platform suits individuals and businesses of all sizes with varying design experience levels. Users can design sleek presentation slides, engaging infographics, and eye-catching social media posts. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface and ample design assets make it easy for users to create high-quality content without extensive graphic design knowledge.

With Visme, crafting captivating and interactive presentations is effortless. Whether working from scratch or choosing one of many templates, the software allows for personalisation with animations, charts, graphs, maps, icons, images, videos, and audio – ensuring your presentation is truly unique and engaging.

You can export your presentation in various formats, including PPT, PDF, HTML5, and video, and share it online through a link or embedded code. Visme’s presenter studio is an excellent feature for rehearsing and recording your presentation with narrations, presenter notes, and pointers.

For $15 per month, Visme’s premium plan provides an extensive range of resources and functionalities. Meanwhile, their free plan only allows up to 5 projects to be made.


Prezi allows users to create engaging and dynamic presentations that differ from traditional linear slideshows. It offers a wide range of customisable templates, themes, and graphics that allow users to create unique and interactive presentations. With Prezi, presentations can be zoomed in and out of, creating a dynamic and engaging experience for the audience. This software also allows for seamless collaboration and sharing of presentations online.

Overall, Prezi is a great tool for creating engaging presentations that stand out from traditional PowerPoint presentations. Presentation software like Prezi is a fresh and modern way to create captivating presentations that stand out from the usual slide-based formats.

With Prezi, you can experiment with zooming in and out of topics and subtopics on your custom-made canvas or select one of many striking templates. You can also incorporate additional images, audio, and videos into your presentation for a more engaging experience. Record and present live with your webcam and screen using Prezi’s video feature. Collaborate with your colleagues and edit presentations together in real-time. If you want to share your work, you can easily export it as a video or PDF and share it online through an embed code or link.

From $5 per month, Prezi’s premium plan allows access to additional characteristics and storage, while their free plan permits unlimited presentation creation.


Keynote is an elegant and sophisticated presentation software that is only compatible with Apple products, including the Mac, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. You can create your slides with custom content and style or select from over 30 exquisite templates. You can include animations, transitions, graphs, charts, images, videos, audio, and more to enhance your presentation.

With Keynote’s magic move feature, you can also animate and transform your objects as they move across slides. Additionally, you can work as a team to co-edit your presentation in real-time. Additionally, you can share your presentation online via an iCloud drive or by exporting it as a PPT, PDF, or video.

All Apple users can download and use Keynote for free.

Haiku Deck

A simple and elegant presentation software that lets you create beautiful presentations with minimal effort. You can choose from millions of images, fonts, and layouts or upload your own. You can also add charts, graphs, icons, and more to make your presentation more informative.

Haiku Deck has a free plan that lets you create and present up to three presentations, and a premium plan that starts from $9.99 per month and gives you access to more features and presentations.


Compared to many of its rivals, PowToon approaches PowerPoint presentations from a slightly different perspective. Instead of making presentations that you would click through and present yourself, it works best for creating full animations and videos. That is ideal for the internet, which is why the ability to export your presentations to different social media platforms is so helpful.

You can create something from your browser in about 20 minutes with a drag-and-drop template. Although branding logos are included in the free version so that viewers will always know you used PowToon to create them, this is a minor price for an otherwise very user-friendly and accessible software.

Zoho Show

Zoho Show is a cloud-based presentation tool where you can design, modify, and deliver presentations from any location or device. You can make your own slides using your own content and design or select from more than 40 fashionable templates. To further enhance the visual appeal of your presentation, you can incorporate animations, transitions, charts, graphs, shapes, images, videos, audio, and more.

With the broadcast feature of Zoho Show, you can record or deliver your presentation live using your webcam and screen.

Zoho Show is free to use for up to 25 users. It has a premium plan starting from $4 per user per month and gives you access to more features and storage.

Google Slides

Google Slides is a well-liked and dependable presentation tool that is a component of the Google Workspace suite. You can make your own slides with custom content and design or select from hundreds of free templates. To further enhance the appeal of your presentation, you can include animations, transitions, graphs, charts, images, videos, audio, and more.

Google Slides also offers a Q&A feature that allows you to engage with your audience and solicit their comments and questions.

Google Slides is free to use for anyone with a Google account. It has a premium plan starting from $6 per user per month and gives you access to more features and storage.


Canva is much more than just a PowerPoint substitute. Along with presentations, users can use the visual design platform to create business cards, posters, invitations, social media graphics, and other documents. Thousands of expert templates, photos, and other content elements are available on Canva as tools to facilitate team collaboration. Because of the software tool’s drag-and-drop interface, even non-designers can easily customise templates and edit photos with minimal knowledge.

Canva has a free plan that lets you create and present unlimited presentations, and a premium plan that starts from $9.95 per month and gives you access to more features and storage.