Recently Slide Deck was commissioned to work on a Tender Pitch Deck for a regular client. Tender pitches could quite possibly be the highest pressured yet most lucrative slide decks we create for clients.

So, how do you ensure your tender pitch presentation is primed to help you win big business? Here are a few of our thoughts:

  1. Presentation is everything. Show that you are business that takes pride in all you do so make sure your presentation is designed well, in line with your brand guidelines. It should be as smart as your suit and something you are proud of.
  2. Ensure you answer all questions requested in the tender document. It’s an obvious statement to make, but it’s of huge importance that you supply ALL the information you have been asked for.
  3. Do your research on the company over and above their brief. By this, we mean to find out all you can about the company values, mission, views on environmental issues etc. With this information, you can align your messaging with theirs to create a deeper and connection, rather than that simply ticking a box on price and efficiency.
  4. Whilst it is not advisable to add lots of additional content than what has been requested, your unique value proposition must be clear so that the audience is clear about the value and benefits your company will contribute.
  5.  Make it easy to understand. If you have complex processes, timelines or procedures that you need to include, present them visually using diagrams icons and graphics to explain each step, rather than a large amount of text. This will demonstrate that you are easy to work with clear processes in place, it will also help the audience overcome any “fear of switching” associated with onboarding.
  6.  If you are in the tender process, then don’t forget that the panel or audience may sit through a fair few presentations so, make sure yours is memorable! Use a variety of slide layouts, images, infographics and clean charts rather than a series of copy heavy, cramped and messy slides.
  7.  Lead with your brand! There is often some confusion over whether a company should use their brand for the presentation or the company they are presenting to. The answer is that you should always lead with your brand so that they remember YOU!

If you are in the process of answering a Tender or RFP and you need support with structuring and presenting your information, then get in touch.