This might be obvious to some, but it isn’t obvious to all, so I thought I’d put it out there for those who aren’t clear on whether your presentation should be in created in your brand or the brand of the audience.

The simple answer here is that you should ALWAYS lead with your brand, and your presentation should contain your logo, brand colours, fonts and images that form part of your brand. At most, you can include the logo of the company you are pitching too, but that is where it ends. There are various reasons and rules for this as follows:

  1. You want to stand and be remembered by the audience, if you pitch using their brand assets you quickly  become vanilla and easily forgotten.
  2. Your brand guidelines have been developed for you business, and this set of visual assets have been carefully curated to convey the values of your company. To use another brand is like trying to be something you are not and will confuse your messages.
  3. Using visuals from their website or other assets will give the impression that your business doesn’t invest in itself or worse, it could give the impression that you cut corners.
  4. You will inevitably use their brand incorrectly and this will have a negative impact on your overall pitch. Unless you had full access to their brand guidelines you are not going to know all the various rules that they have governing use of their logo, minimum sizes, exclusion zones etc.
  5. If you include their logo, ensure you give it lots of space and preferably on a white background. NEVER stretch or squeeze a logo to fit you requirements.
  6. If you are creating a presentation for a job interview the rules are slightly different, using a colour palette that nods to the company’s palette shows that you have taken the time to get to know their brand. Add their logo by all means too, but again, give it space and don’t stretch or squeeze it.

The overarching message here being that your presentation should utilise your branding every time, so that you stand out for all the right reasons, your messages and visuals align and your are remembered.

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